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Car Care


Regular service and maintenance is important to minimise costs and get the best value out of your car. Once you have purchased a car it becomes your responsibility to keep it in good condition. A simple maintenance routine will go a long way towards extending the life of your car and will also help you obtain a good price for the vehicle if you wish to sell it on. Here is a list of simple checks you should do.



Check all the tyres on your car so that they have even pressure. Incorrect tyre pressure can reduce a tyre’s life and affects fuel consumption. The best time to check the pressure of tyres is when they are cool. You will usually find the recommended tyre pressure for normal driving in the car’s manual. Don’t forget to keep the spare tyre inflated as well, and that temporary use spare tyres typically require significantly more air pressure.



Check to see that all the gauges and warning lights are working when you start the engine. Record any symptoms such as sluggish or difficult start-up operation or any abnormal noises and have them checked. You should also check oil, engine coolant and battery fluid levels regularly. A vehicle’s fuel economy can be enhanced by having engines tuned and spark plugs replaced according to manufactures recommended guidelines.



Check that head, parking, indicator, brake and reversing lights are working.


Warning Lights

Such as “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” should not be ignored as these indicators may result in poor fuel economy performance and require expensive repairs. You should contact your nearest garage.



Improperly maintained brakes can result in unwanted drag thus causing unnecessary resistance which can have a dramatic drop in fuel economy.


Air Filters

Ensure that you change your air filters at the end of its recommended lifespan. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve a vehicle’s fuel economy.

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