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Engine tuning is the adjustment of a vehicles internal combustion engine or modification made to its Engine Control Unit (ECU). Engine tuning can also be referred to as mapping or chipping. Engine tuning is a very popular service on on modern cars. The engine tuning process allows the Technician to alter the ECU or “car brain” to make it either more economical or produce more power. This is done by altering the fuelling and boost settings on modern petrol and diesel engines. Car manufacturers generally program the ECU to give a balance between engine power, economy and drivability. An Engine Tuning service puts this choice in the car owner’s hands.

Engine Tuning – Technical Information

Usually there are 2-3 maps available. A great example of this is the Volkwagen or Audi 1.9 TDI engine (Engine code BXE). The default engine tuning setting fresh from the factory produces 105 Brake Horsepower (BHP) however when taken to a Team AutoCentre specialist the power can be increased up to 150 BHP safely. At Team Autocentre our trusted network of engine tuning specialists have a proven record in providing excellent cost effective service. We can offer the motorist a solution for all their engine tuning needs. Whether you wish to make your car more fuel efficient or powerful we will work with you to get the result you want. You deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre. You are not dealing via a UK based call centre who charge commission and more importantly – you are not handing your car over to an unidentified garage! With Team AutoCentre – you know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times.