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What is the NCT?

The National Car Test (NCT) tests the roadworthiness of cars and other motor vehicles. The inspection identifies problems such as defects with brakes or suspension. After your vehicle completes an inspection you will receive a Vehicle Inspection Report, outling your test results. If your vehicle fails the inspection it may be necessary for you to get car service or car repair work carried out to fix the causes of failure.

Why is a pre NCT check important?

This check is key to giving your car the best chance of passing.
Team AutoCentre recommends that you follow the steps listed below before your test:

  • Take your car for a NCT pre test at your local Team AutoCentre. Our inspection check will give you the best chance of passing your test first time around.
  • Before you go to your local testing centre ensure that your car has been topped up with oil and water. Your local Team AutoCentre will do this for you as part of the service.
  • Make sure you have had the interior of your car cleaned. Team AutoCentre’s Car Valet service centres can solve this problem for you.
  • Ensure the boot of your car is empty and you have left no personal belongings in the back seat.
  • Don’t forget your driving license! Failure to present a driving license on the day of your test will result in a NCT certificate not being issued.



What are common causes of NCT failure?

The top 5 causes of failure are:

  • Front Suspension
  • Tyre Condition
  • Brake Line / Hoses
  • Stop Lamps
  • Steering Linkage

Exhaust emissions that exceed EU guidelines are also a main cause of NCT failure in Ireland. This can be addressed by using STP’s pre-NCT pack. All the other items listed above can be looked at by your local Team AutoCentre as part of your pre-test assessment.

Why is the NCT important?

The National Car Test test is important for the two reasons:

Environmental – By keeping Irish cars in line with EU regulations on exhaust emissions the test has a positive effect on the environment.
Road Safety – Your car will not pass if it is not fit for the road. This means less cars with defects on Irish roads and less accidents.

Pre NCT Test
If you have failed your test why not upload your report with our NCT uploader. Choose a centre near you who will then quote you for a check before your next test and also the work you may need done to your car.

Click here for a full list of what is checked more on a Team AutoCentre NCT pre test. Team AutoCentre is here to help – with our pre NCT check services you deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre. You are not dealing via a UK based call centre who charge commission and more importantly – you are not handing your car over to an unidentified garage!

With Team AutoCentre – you know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times.


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