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New Citroen’s Glitches Sparks Dealer Visits

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Electrical faults bring six months of misery to UK based C4 Picasso Owner

Citroen Glitches
Rapid technological advances over the last few years means modern cars are filled with more digital displays and electronic software to make things easier and more convenient for drivers than ever before. Unfortunately these systems can bring their own problems. A UK based C4 Picasso owner bought a new model in February, but by August, it was back at the dealer for its sixth visit due to various faults within the electronics systems.

The car owner listed everything that had gone wrong with the car, including parking system failure, Bluetooth failure with his smartphone, failure of the instrument panel display, among other things. “The most recurrent fault is with my eMyWay unit,” he explained. “Basically, plug in certain USB devices and try to use the sat-nav at the same time and it randomly reboots the whole system every 40 miles or so.” Despite having a replacement unit putin, the problems persisted, and attempts to reject the car with Citroen finance were also proving problematic.

After speaking with Citroen customer services further, the car owner was under the impression that he might be getting a replacement car, but when that started to drag on he was unsure if it would happen at all. He said: As I understand it, they are trying to get me a replacement vehicle, but they remain very sketchy on what this actually entails.” Auto Express UK got in touch with Citroen to try and find out what was going on with his car and to see whether he would be offered a replacement. “We are sorry that Mr. Ferneyhough has been inconvenienced in this way and acknowleddge that he has lost faith in this particular vehicle,” a spokesman for the company told the UK based magazine. “As a valued customer, Citroen wanted to find an acceptable solution for him, so we have offered to replace his car with a brand new Grand C4 Picasso on a like-for-like basis.

What should you do if it happens to you?

Fully rejecting a car can be a long-winded process, with manufacturers not keen to let owners do it. The best solution for both parties is attempting to get a like-for-like replacement. If you are 100 per cent certain on rejecting the car fully, then you need to notify the finance company as well as the dealer that you bought from in writing.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the electronics system Team AutoCentre is here to help! Get a quote from one of our Car Electronics Specialists today.

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