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The lighting on your vehicle is a very important part of your car’s safety equipment. Not only does it allow you to see where you are going but it allows other road users to see you, the direction you are turning and if you are stopping. Defective lighting is one of the top five failures in the NCT and not without reason. You should check all the lighting on your vehicle on a weekly basis. Some modern day cars have bulb failure warnings on the dash but most do not and in a reasonably well lit area it is impossible to tell if you have a failed bulb from inside the vehicle.

Keeping the lights on your vehicle clean is also very important and auxiliary lights must also be fully functioning. Bulbs nowadays can be difficult and time consuming to change, but your Team AutoCentre can provide a hassle free solution. They can also advise you on the best bulbs to fit and also how long it will take to fit them. Your Team AutoCentre will only use quality products from leading lighting manufacturers.

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