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Glow Plug

A glow plug is a heating device used to aid starting diesel engines. Diesel engines unlike petrol engines depend on compression to start rather than combustion. In cold weather diesel engines can be difficult to start and the glow plug plays an integral part in solving this problem. The glow plug has a heating element which heats to a very high temperature once the ignition is switched on. As the diesel is compressed in the cylinder it fires spontaneously when introduced to the hot high pressure air. The pressure required to heat the air by the glow plug to that temperature necessitates the use of a large and strong engine block.

Glow plugs do not require maintenance as such. They should be checked by your Team Autocentre mechanic at each service. If the car becomes difficult to start especially in cold weather contact your Team Autocentre garage and they will check the glow plugs for you.

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