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Believe it or not, most of the common problems that engines have are due to clogging. In fact, car owners often experience clogged fuel injectors when they have not had their car serviced regularly. Clean fuel injectors save fuel, cut down on emissions, and ensure that the vehicle runs at peak performance.


Clean fuel injectors are necessary for fuel economy and peak engine performance. After a certain number of miles, the fuel injector can get clogged, causing it to misfire or sputter. This is after the car owner drives the vehicle and the engine is fully warmed up and the petrol or diesel residue is baked to a waxy residue on the injector tip. This occurs when the engine is turned off and no air and no fuel flows through the engine to cool it down and wash it away. After some time, this causes a significant buildup that needs to be cleaned so the engine can function properly.


Car owners who do not clean their fuel injectors often experience decreased fuel economy and dirty emissions. Since residue piles up over time, it is important to get this done at regular intervals-your Team Autocentre garage will advise you when to get the injectors cleaned.


Car owners can get their fuel injectors cleaned by a professional mechanic or do it on their own. These injectors may be flushed with solvents while remaining inside the engine or taken out for more thorough cleaning. One way to know that fuel injectors require cleaning is when the car owner experiences lower gas mileage and power loss. The engine hesitating after pressing the accelerator could also be a sign that the injector requires cleaning. Fuel injector cleaners are often a mixture of detergents that dissolve and remove the deposits on the injectors.


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