The New Way To Reduce Your Motoring Costs


Oil-Filter Oil is the most important part for your car as it maintains the engine. Regular oil change and oil service keeps the engine in top working order for a long time. It allows your engine to be more reliable and efficient when it comes to fuel consumption.

There are two main reasons for cars to have an oil change at the recommended service interval.

Motor oil has important additives which protect the engine from heat, sludge build up and partially burned and unburned fuel. These can be depleted after about 3,000 miles. Frequent oil change and oil service are the best way to protect today’s high performing engines. This is especially true for those cars driven under the “stop and go” conditions of city traffic.

Motor oil quickly becomes contaminated during use by water vapour, dust, and even metal shavings. Contaminates sometimes don’t burn off under the most common kinds of driving conditions; instead they can turn into sludge. If not dealt with sludge reduces engine performance and restricts oil flow. Sludge also reduces the efficiency of the oil filter and impacts the efficiency of the engine.

Remember long journeys as well as stop/start short journeys put your engine under a lot of stress and when the engine works harder than normal…. your oil is working harder too. It is very important to check the oil levels on a regular basis and have an oil change or oil service if needed.

It is vitally important that the manufacturer specified oil is used at each service.

When carrying out an oil change or oil service Team Autocentre members can use North Sea Oil. The NSL range meets the latest standards of Original Equipment Manufacturers and as such is approved by the likes of BMW, Mercedes Benz, VW, Man, Volvo etc.

The next important step in changing your oil is replacing the oil filter. Remember, the oil filter holds all the excess sludge and grime that the oil catches while lubricating the engine. Changing the filter is vital to car maintenance because without a new oil filter in place, new engine oil will be passing through the old filter, making it dirty and less effective.

Your TAC garage will advise you on the correct filter to suit your car. All TAC oil filters are supplied by original equipment manufacturers.