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Cabin Filter

What is a cabin filter?

The cabin filter ‘filters’ the air going into the inside of the car. The filter is specific to each vehicle by make, model and year. It also filters the air going into the air-conditioning and heating systems and is the only line of defence for preventing unwanted dust, allergens, dirt and unwanted pollutants from entering the interior (cabin) of the vehicle.


Cabin filters come in two types-the first is the pollen filter which filters out bacteria, pollen and exhaust gases.


The second is an activated carbon filter which in addition to the above also filters out all odours. It is manufactured using 3 layers – 2 non-woven fibre layers plus an active carbon layer between.


How Does It Work?

Your vehicle’s heating and cooling system works on the same principles as home heating and cooling systems. Outside air is drawn into the system to be heated or cooled, depending on the settings you choose and passes through filters designed for drying and cleaning the air. The only filter the air passes through is the cabin filter which ensures that the air entering the interior is very clean and nearly free of allergens.


Air Quality

  • Prior to the advent of the cabin air filter, a lot of the dirt, dust and allergens from outside came into the vehicle through the vents. This often left the vehicle’s interior, and sometimes the passengers, coated in a fine layer of dust and dirt. The cabin filter changed all that.


When should I change my Cabin Filter?

  • A dirty cabin filter is not only inefficient but will restrict airflow into the interior of your vehicle. This restriction in airflow means other components in your air-conditioning and heating system will have to work harder resulting in premature failures and costly repairs. The condition of your cabin filter is not dictated by mileage but more so by your environment. Whether you drive in the country, city or in polluted industrial areas, building sites or heavy vehicle and bus traffic. Diesel fuel exhaust  is one of the most carcinogenic pollutants in the world and your cabin filter catches these particles.
  • A quick guide to knowing when to change a filter is when your window is slow to demist, the fan is working harder but less air is coming in or a bad or stale odour comes from your air system.
  • The best way to know when your cabin filter needs replacement is a visual check which your local Team AutoCentre will do for you on every service.

If you need your cabin filter checked or changed, Team AutoCentre is here to help – You deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre.