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Crompton Battery







Why does my battery need to be changed?

A fully charged battery supplies around 12.6 volts. If this falls to 12.0 volts, the state of charge drops by 75%. In low temperatures if your battery is not holding its charge your car may not start.

When does the battery need to be replaced?

Over-charging , under-charging, allowing the battery to go completely flat, heat or vibration all contribute to reducing the life of the battery. The battery has a terminal life span.

What do we do?

We check the battery to make sure it is holding its charge and if not we check why it is not charging as you drive. Sometimes it may be a fault in the alternator which will not give the battery a correct charge.

How often does it need to be checked?

At every service

Quality of battery types

It is very important to have the exact specification battery for your car otherwise it will result in failure of the battery at an early stage.

The main cost of the battery is the lead content. Beware of  low cost batteries as they may not have the lead content required and will fail quickly.

An easy way to ensure you get a good specification battery is to check the length of guarantee on offer, Team AutoCentre normally supply a 3 or 5 year warranty. YOU CHOOSE

Modern cars have so many electrics that if you are not using your car over a period of time it can flatten your battery. We can provide you with a special Absaar low-voltage maintenance charger which will keep the battery 100% charged.

Benefits of having your battery checked

  1. Peace of mind knowing your battery is holding its charge and will start reliably.
  1. Using a battery tester we measure actual battery performance against specified levels. It also predicts if it may fail in the near future so you can replace your battery before this happens.

If your car battery needs checking or replacing, Team AutoCentre is here to help – You deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre.