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Air Filter


Why does it need to be changed?

Your air filter protects your engine from dust and dirt entering it. It must be changed regularly to keep it clean and work properly.


What happens if it’s not changed?

The engine will not operate correctly if it is starved of fresh air. This will lead to a drop in performance, reduced fuel economy and the engine may be difficult to start.


What do we do?

We remove the old filter; check and clean the housing and hoses; then quote you for a new filter should your vehicle need one.

We fit only top quality air filters from world class manufacturers.


How often does it need to be changed?

Visual inspection is the only way to properly determine the condition of the filter. Where you drive has a major impact on the amount of contamination the filter will collect – it has no relation to car mileage covered.

If your Air Filter needs inspecting or changing, Team AutoCentre is here to help – You deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre.