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How We Look After You

Car servicing with Team AutoCentre


Team AutoCentre is a fast growing nationwide network of independent garages in Ireland who offer excellent levels of service and experience to their customers.

You are safe in the knowledge that your car is being serviced by trained technicians who use only top quality parts. You also benefit from high quality workmanship and considerable cost savings.

Your local Team AutoCentre member has the training and technical information to repair any make or brand of car without compromising their warranty and will be happy to answer all your repair and service questions.


Team P R Reilly have been in the motor industry for over 70 years so we know how to help you look after your car.


The company was founded as a Car Import/Car Sales business back in 1945 so we know just about all there is to know about your car from when it leaves the manufacturers plant to when it arrives in the showrooms!

With the huge decline in new car sales in recent years, car manufacturers are constantly under pressure to achieve targets and get their rebates (often these rebates are the only profit they ever make!) As a result, it is now in their interest to make as much money as possible from the car repair side of their business.

To boost their flagging car sales, they can push “it’s cheaper to buy a new car” solution instead of having to go ahead with their costly repair estimate.

Team AutoCentre is the exact opposite. We don’t have the massive costs for expensive buildings and showrooms etc. Our existence simply depends on you getting top quality, value for money car service and repairs to your vehicle. This makes more practical and economic sense by repairing and extending the life of your current vehicle – instead of being forced to by a new one.

Don’t forget that new cars depreciate by €€€ thousands every year – starting from when you drive it out of the showrooms – PLUS your additional bank costs on any car purchase loan. As a result it is always a lot cheaper to repair than provide for the depreciation and repayments on a new car.


What about Car Manufacturers Long Term Warranty?


Read the small print! You will find it excludes virtually all service parts and most other items that normally wear out. The fact is, it mainly covers parts that are very seldom replaced.


The 2003 EU Block Exemption legislation means that you can choose any independent garage to carry out your car service and the warranty is still protected/maintained – this now means you no longer have to use a main dealer to do your car service.


Your original manufacturer warranty on the car is protected and the car manufacturer or main dealer cannot withdraw the car warranty because their parts were not used.


There is no need to be pressurised or influenced by the car manufacturer to use their service and parts. The reality is that a car serviced by a Team AutoCentre member is every bit as good or better than a main dealer service and is usually a lot cheaper. We will get you the best price solution.


So when you are presented with an estimate from the main dealer – check the price of same with your local Team AutoCentre member.