The New Way To Reduce Your Motoring Costs

Wiper Replacement





Wiper blades clean your windscreen allowing you to see clearly when driving in heavy rain and other adverse weather conditions such as sleet or snow. Failure to change worn or damaged wiper blades results in poor visibility and increased danger when driving you and also other road users. Maintaining maximum visibility in wet conditions is vital for you and your passenger’s safety. A sudden stop by the car in front of you requires a quick reaction. If you cannot see though your front windscreen due to old and worn wiper blades not clearing water quick enough there is less chance of you reacting quickly. This is why it is important that you always ensure your wiper blades arein good condition and working correctly. If you’re not sure – visit your local Team AutoCentre – we can advise you and fit your car with new wiper blades if required.

What happens if I don’t change my car wiper blades?

Failure to replace your car wiper blades can also damage your windscreen. Some windscreens cost up to €1000 to replace so changing your wipers is not only safer but also easier on your pocket. The important role that car wiper blades in road safety for the modern motorist cannot be stressed enough. That’s why it very important to get your car fitted with quality wiper blades. As car design has evolved over the years the size and shape of car windscreens has changed also. Manufacturers such as Valeo have risen to the challenge and changed the design of their car wiper blades to keep up. The result is that most of today’s cars have specific fit wiper blades. At Team AutoCentre we supply and fit wiper blades from original quality brands such as Valeo to your car. We also offer a range of screen wash from Comma, Decosol and RAIN-X. We have a range of solutions offering motorists a new way to reduce motoring costs. You deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre. You are not dealing via a UK based call centre who charge commission and more importantly – you are not handing your car over to an unidentified garage! With Team AutoCentre – you know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times.