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Are you looking to upgrade your headlights? Do you want more light on the road ahead? Do you want to feel safer on the road and see and be seen by other road users?


Upgrading your headlight bulbs makes driving much safer, and upgrading them is actually quite simple. Team AutoCentre Garages can offer a whole range of products to suit all sorts of driving needs. They will only offer you the best quality bulbs from the market leading lighting brand – Osram.


Some of the leading upgrade bulbs in the Osram range include NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED, COOL BLUE INTENSE and ULTRA LIFE.


Brighter headlights with longer reach can vastly improve night-time driving safety by giving you longer to react to dangers. The NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED range is perfect for seeing further and keeping you safe. With up to 110% more light on the road*, a 20% whiter light* and up to 40m longer beam** it is the perfect performance upgrade bulb for your vehicle.


If you want to stand out in the traffic from other road user, then the COOL BLUE INTENSE range is the ideal upgrade bulb for design and style conscious drivers. It provides a stylish powerful, blue-ish white light that is almost in the same league as the light from Xenon bulbs. The light produced by the range has a colour temperature of up 4,200 Kelvin.


In some vehicles the replacement of a bulb can require the removal of body parts or the access to the headlamp under the bonnet can be tricky. To assist with reducing downtime of a vehicle and possible labour intensive replacements, the ULTRA LIFE range is the perfect solution. This range of halogen headlight bulbs last up to three times longer than conventional halogen bulbs and carries a three year guarantee. These bulbs offer unique reliability and are suitable for all vehicle types. The ULTRA LIFE range also included some popular auxiliary bulbs too for complete peace of mind motoring.


Talk to your local Team AutoCentre about your lighting needs and they can provided a solution to help keep you safer on the roads.


*compared to a standard Osram halogen lamp. **H7 type only.