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Dents & Scratches

  Scratch Repair  


Dents and scratches repairs  


Whether your vehicle's damage was caused by the doors of other cars, runaway shopping trollies, or even car wash scratches, we can make your car look like new again.

Car Scratch Repair

Everyone gets them. Whether its from a car crash or a tree, most drivers experience car scratches. Whilst these are small and sometimes barely visible, they still take away from the looks of your car. Team AutoCentre are providing quick and easy car scratch repair so you don't have to try paint over the damaged area yourself, because lets face it, the paint makes it look much worse.

Dent Repair

Team AutoCentre want to ensure its customers never have to worry about dent repair again. That's why we've made it super easy to remove those annoying dents that devalue your car entirely. No more hitting your car with hammers to try fill out dents. Team AutoCentre guarantees a better way! Don’t let small dents, dings & scratches devalue your car! Get a quote from us today to repair these annoying marks and let us bring your car back to pristine condition. The majority of this damage can be repaired using our smart repair system. Most of this damage can be repaired without having to repaint the damaged area provided the mark/scratch is not too deep into the paintwork. Contact your local Team AutoCentre Garage for a quote. Simpy send a photograph showing us the damage and we will get back to you with a price for the repair.