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Car Mats


Car Mats



Car mats are vital in protecting your car’s interior. During the course of a busy day a motorist will enter and exit their car several times – this makes it inevitable that dirt will get into the car. Simply put car mats protect the floor of your vehicle. If you need new or replacement car mats Team AutoCentre garages can fit high quality rubber or textile car mats from quality brands such as Motorline. There is a wide selection of different styles available allowing you to put your own personal touch to your car’s interior.

Rubber Car Mats

Rubber car mats offer motorists an alternative to textile or carpet car mats. Many rubber car mats are customised to the particular make and model of car. One of the key benefits of rubber car mats is that they are easy to maintain having hardly any special requirements for cleaning. Popular with 4 x 4 and outdoor enthusiasts rubber car mats are extremely durable and offer great protection for your car interior. .

Car Mats For Your Boot

Getting a car mat for your boot is a great way to protect the interior from unwanted damage, spillage and stains. For pet owners they offer a great solution for protecting your boot when transporting your beloved cat or dog! This is especially useful when it comes to the resale of your car – the boot mat can be removed leaving the vehicle looking free from scratches and also from unpleasant odours and smells. If your existing car mats are looking worn and weary, Team AutoCentre is here to help – contact your local Team AutoCentre today for a quote on new car mats. You are not dealing via a UK based call centre who charge commission and more importantly – you are not handing your vehicle over to an unidentified garage! With Team AutoCentre – you know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times.