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4x4 Specialists

4x4 vehicles are a slightly different animal than your average passenger car.4x4’s have more traction ann better stability – this is why they are used by off road enthusiasts. Team AutoCentre’s network of trusted 4x4 specialists have years of experience in 4x4 service.

4x4 Specialist

If you are an off road enthusiast you will know that 4x4’s are built to tolerate more demanding driving surfaces than the your average road – this is why knowing your local 4x4 specialist is invaluable. When it comes to 4x4 service we at Team AutoCentre have listed all of the top 4x4 specialists in the country on our website so you can easily find one near you.

Our trusted network of 4x4 specialists will look after any 4x4 service work you may need. They have the technical information, top diagnostic equipment and quality parts to make sure you get a fast and quality service. They can also fit your vehicle with popular 4x4 accessories such as sump guards and auxillary lighting.

How often does my vehicle need a 4x4 service?

Team AutoCentre recommends you take your vehicle for a 4x4 service at least once a year or in accordance with the manufacturers recommended service interval.

What are common work items carried out by a 4x4 specialist?

  • Oil change – it is hugely important that you have your oil changed with manufacturer specific oil. For more information on this we recommend you visit the NSL website.
  • Clutch replacement – 4x4 vehicles especially ones used extensively in off road activities put the clutch under greater strain than regular cars – Team AutoCentre’s trusted 4x4 specialists can fit your 4x4 with a new clutch from quality brands such as Valeo.
  • Suspension – Team AutoCentre can fit your 4x4 with great suspension parts from brands such as Trw.

Our easy to use website allows you to request a quote from your local 4x4 specialist for 4x4 service. You deal direct with your selected local Team AutoCentre. You are not dealing via a UK based call centre who charge commission and more importantly – you are not handing your car over to an unidentified garage! With Team AutoCentre – you know exactly who you’re dealing with at all times. Team AutoCentre 4X4 specialists have been servicing and repairings 4X4 vehicles for many years. Their experienced and trained mechanics will be able to deal with any aspect of your 4X4. They will do the job quickly and efficiently and at an affordable price.