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Ford & Dealer Row On Rust

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Claiming under an anti-perforation or corrosion warranty can be an patience testing process. Often it’ll be the dealer inspecting the car who rejects the claim, and our advice at Team AutoCentre would normally be to move it up to your manufacturer. But what should you do if the dealer is supporting you and the manufacturer […]

Catalytic Converter Theft Rises In Ireland

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Did you know that the catalytic converter on your vehicle contains precious metal? You may not but criminal gangs certainly do! Gardai have warned that that gangs are targeting catalytic converters as items to due to the resale value of the metals contained in the devices.   The catalytic converter, a more detailed description of […]

NGK’s New Catalogue

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NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd has recently released a brand new catalogue packed to the brim with details of all the the plugs they have available for classic and vintage vehicles. Containing 1816 lines and covering pre-1980 classic and vintage vehicles, it is now available in PDF format on the company‚Äôs website at NGK […]