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How to check your cars oil level

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Oil lubricates your car’s engine and stops it from overheating. In order to ensure that it can do its job, you have to maintain the oil level with your car. When checking your cars oil level it is important to make sure that your car is level on the ground, not on a slope and […]

Exhaust Emissions – Reduce Them With STP

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  Exhaust emissions that exceed EU guidelines are one of the main causes of NCT failure in Ireland. Many motorists are unaware of a simple treatment to reduce the risk of failure relating to exhaust emissions. STP’s pre NCT packs for both petrol and diesel engines provide a great solution to this problem. This will […]

NCT – Changes from July 2014

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Recently the National Car Testing Service introduced some new customer service enhancements. We’ve compiled a brief summary of some of the key changes to the NCT service below.   Voluntary Early NCT of Vehicles As of July 28th Vehicle owners who would like to have their vehicle inspected earlier than 90 days before their NCT […]