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Look after your wipers this summer

Screen Wipers


Not that we are guaranteed long hot dry spells of weather in Ireland – but we none the less live in hope! And while we all smile at the prospect of warm summer days, spare a thought for your underused windscreen wipers (oh if only!).

While sitting motionless and sunbathing, your wipers are quietly suffering from exposure and lack of moisture… well, potentially! But it is well worth taking the time to give them some T.L.C. by applying some simple tricks that will improve the life and efficiency of your blades.

Caring for your wipers

On a regular basis, especially during warmer weather, it is a great idea to treat your wiper blades with some screen wash. Who would’ve thought?! Your wiper blades collect greasy deposits and all manner of dirt, which clings to the blades, and then smears your windscreen.

Use a concentrated screen wash in its undiluted state – we would recommend Decosol Excel. Simply soak a clean cloth in with the fluid, and wipe your blades until clean. It is specially formulated not only to remove deposits from your windscreen, but also to improve the life and effectiveness of the wiper blade rubber. This product has a great temperature protection range, not only helping in warmer weather – ensuring that you don’t end up in any unnecessarily sticky situations – but also during the those winter days, making sure that your screen wash bottle won’t freeze in temperatures of up to -24°C.

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