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How to stop winter from damaging your car


winterWinter can be a dangerous time of year: Ice on the roads and on cars can compromise driver vision as well as the cars reaction time, leading to crashes and collisions. This is why removing ice from your car is a hugely important task in the winter and should be done thoroughly.
While warm water is sometimes used to remove ice from windows, it a not safe way. It can be hard to gauge how much to use, this can leave your windows still icy and can refreeze.
deicerThe warm water can also lead to interior fogging when driving. Too much warm water on windows also has its draw backs, as it can weaken the strength of the windows. This can often result in cracks forming in the windscreen.

In order to remove ice from your windows, without any risks, de-icer or an ice-scraper should be used. De-icer removes ice quickly with little to no effort: Simply spray it onto the windows and watch the ice dissolve. Alternatively, if you would rather a more hands on approach, a good ice-scraper will remove ice from a window with ease, without scratching or adding liquids to your windscreen. These two easy methods can be stored in your car so that no matter where you are you can deal with ice blocking your vision. Using good quality products, like these, will ensure that the ice is dealt with quickly and easily.
Salting your drive-way on cold or snowy nights can be a great asset the next day, as your car doesn’t have to struggle against icy conditions and doesn’t become trapped by snow. This is safer, and removes these morning delays.salt scrapeAcquiring this salt isn’t too hard but it is important to use the right sort, such as marine salt. This type of salt melts snow and ice easily with no mess left behind. Always use a resealable container, like this one, so that the salt is protected from moisture when not being used.
Keeping these three things in your house or car will have you prepared for the winter ahead and will help to make sure you are safe on the roads.

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