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Engine Left Running on Locked 4 Series

Keyless Ignition Fault


BMW Owner’s Security Fears

In a recent article Auto Express has highlighted a security pitfall in keyless ignition type cars. A reader of the popular automotive magazine reported that after taking the car out one day she found that the engine had been left running for 4 hours while she went for lunch. The engine had been so quiet she hadn’t noticed it and had locked the car.
The car owner asked the dealer whether or not the engine should automatically turn off if she locked the car and the key wasn’t within a certain distance. “The car would already be going, so would be easy to steal,” she explained.
Auto Express talked to BMW to see if it was possible for the engine to remain running while the car was locked. A spokesmann for the manufacturer told the magazine this was the case, but there were a number of warnings for drivers. “The car emits an audible warning that the driver should hear outside the car, while there is also a prompt on the screen inside when you open the door when the engine is still running” he explained.
The popularity of keyless ignition cars has grown hugely over the last few years but it seems that there are still a few kinks to iron out with this new technology.