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Dealer Picked Up On Non Genuine Parts Warranty Refusal


The lack of understanding of certain dealers over warranty issues and “non-genuine parts” has been highlighted by the IAAF in the UK after a case involving an Audi A3. The car owner was left fuming after he was told by his VAG dealer that a timing belt issue would not be covered by the warranty because of the prior fitting of “a non-Audi oil filter”.
The matter was brought before the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation with chief executive Brian Spratt immediately contacting the Audi dealer’s service manager to shed some light on the rules surrounding illegal invalidation of warranties under the provisions of the EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation 461/2010.
As a consequence the dealer reversed their original decision and completed free rectification of the timing belt problem under the warranty. Brain Spratt commented, “The Regulation states that use of parts to service a vehicle which have not been supplied through the dealer network is not sufficient reason to declare a warranty invalid. This was a clumsy attempt by a dealer to duck their responsibilities for warranty repairs.” Brian also pointed out that the filter specific to this particular case was also from a global manufacturer and OE supplier to vehicle producers including VAG.