The New Way To Reduce Your Motoring Costs


  Euro Car Parts, an LKQ company, today announced that it has acquired the business of Team P R Reilly, a leading, family-owned, car parts, accessories and bodyshop business based out of Dublin, Ireland, and Karkraft (N.I.) Limited of Belfast, UK, a paint and collision repair supply specialist. The agreement expands Euro Car Parts operations […]

Osram Ultra Life Free Upgrade Programme

OSRAM ULTRA LIFE lamps just keep on going and going – so if you spend a lot of time on the road, whether driving to work, shuttling round the kids or on cross-country holiday it’s important to choose headlight lamps that offer you the kind of quality, durability and effectiveness you need and depend on […]

Volvo loses face to Volkswagen in Sweden

By latest statistics Volvo lost his best-selling car status in Sweden to Volkswagen Golf after 54 years of topping the charts. Ironically back in 1962 it was a Volkswagen again, the Beetle who took down Volvo’s crown. According to the country’s carmaker’s association Volkswagen Golf made up 5.9% of new cars bought in the country […]

Tesla Autopilot crashes lead Consumer Watchdog to urge recall

October 2014 saw the introduction of Tesla’s so-call “Autopilot” feature (officially a software upgrade called Tesla Version 7.0), which enabled owners to let their car effectively drive itself. The car can manage its speed, steer and even change lane without driver input. The feature also allows for automated parallel parking, and is generally perceived as […]

Why do I need engine Coolant – what does it do?

A large percentage (upwards of 60%) of the energy that’s released by burning fuel (petrol or diesel) in your car’s engine is converted to heat. While some of this heat is expelled through the exhaust, a good deal remains in the engine block. Left unchecked, the temperature in the engine would continue to rise, literally […]

Antifreeze, coolant

Clean and protect your car without damaging the bodywork

We’ve all ended up in that same situation where we leave our car parked beneath a tree, under an overhanding wire or some such open space. A few hours later, realisation hits and we race back to where we parked to rectify the massive mistake made. But as it turns out, you’re too late. The […]

clean and protect your car

Look after your wipers this summer

Not that we are guaranteed long hot dry spells of weather in Ireland – but we none the less live in hope! And while we all smile at the prospect of warm summer days, spare a thought for your underused windscreen wipers (oh if only!). While sitting motionless and sunbathing, your wipers are quietly suffering […]

Screen Wipers

Suzuki shares fall on back of fuel test issue – 2.1 million vehicles are affected.

Suzuki said it had used improper fuel economy tests for its cars in Japan, in a widening of a scandal that has engulfed Mitsubishi Motors , but it asserted that proper testing had shown the data did not need to be amended. The news follows Mitsubishi’s admission of fuel economy manipulation last month, after which […]

How to stop winter from damaging your car

Winter can be a dangerous time of year: Ice on the roads and on cars can compromise driver vision as well as the cars reaction time, leading to crashes and collisions. This is why removing ice from your car is a hugely important task in the winter and should be done thoroughly. While warm water is […]

How to check your cars oil level

Oil lubricates your car’s engine and stops it from overheating. In order to ensure that it can do its job, you have to maintain the oil level with your car. When checking your cars oil level it is important to make sure that your car is level on the ground, not on a slope and […]

oil check

Team P R Reilly January 23th competition

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  Another competition here at Team P R Reilly for a great beginning of the week. This time is a  large sized Team Racing branded Hard Wear Regatta jacket ( Thermo Guard and Isotex5000 – Waterproof and Breathable Technology). Tell us in a comment on today’s competition page how many branches does Team P R Reilly […]

Team P R Reilly January 13th competition winner

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  Finally the day has come to announce the winner of our last week competition for a Winter Car care pack. And she is ….( drum roll ) … ….. … FIONA HORGAN ( Facebook profile here ) Congratulations Fiona and please contact us on Facebook on a private message to arrange delivery of the prize.   More prizes to follow […]

Team P R Reilly January 13th competition

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  Time has come for another competition here at TEAM P R Reilly and now with the perfect prize for the season. Leave your name here in a comment for the draw and Tuesday the 17th of January you can be the winner of this winter car care pack!    

Team P R Reilly January 6th competition winner

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Finally the day has come to announce the winner of our last week competition for a WD-40 branded backpack together with a can of Multi use WD-40 Smart Straw.

Team P R Reilly January 6th competition

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    Competition time here at P R Reilly and this time you can be in a chance to win a WD-40 branded backpack together with a can of Multi use WD-40 Smart Straw. All you have to do is add your name as a comment here on this blog post  before Monday the 9th […]

Car fires:
How to deal with it and how to prevent it

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A car fire is one of the worst things that can happen to your car. It quickly turns a small issue into a big problem and puts you, your family and your car in danger. It is important to not keep pushing your car to continue when it is overheating. If it starts to overheat, […]

Air Filter

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All internal combustion engines require a combination of air and fuel to operate. Without air the engine simply would not work. The air must be cleaned before it gets sucked into the engine. If not you run the risk of dirt and dust getting into your engine which results in poor performance and may shorten […]

Massive Global Recall

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2014 was not a good year for Japanese air bag manuacturer Takata Corp. A spate of of global recalls by manufacturers oveer fualty air bags had put the Japanese company in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Now to compound their problems further Japan’s three biggest carmakers are expanding on action taken last year […]

Engine Left Running on Locked 4 Series

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BMW Owner’s Security Fears   In a recent article Auto Express has highlighted a security pitfall in keyless ignition type cars. A reader of the popular automotive magazine reported that after taking the car out one day she found that the engine had been left running for 4 hours while she went for lunch. The […]

Fuel Consumption Figures Skewed

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It has recently emerged that claims by car manufacturers on the fuel efficeincy of their vehicles are somewhat exew figures show tat the smallest gap between claimed and real-world fuel consumption in the latest group of cars tested is 17 per cent. According to test results from What Car? the Volkswagen Golf SV 2.0came the […]